Colombian Visual Artist, artivist, and empirical cook. Since 2005 explores the languages of drawing, video art, and installation. In 2008, she began to appropriate drift as a method of research, learning, and creation. In 2009 she got her degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis on the Audiovisual Expression of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia. In 2011 she declared herself nomad and created the Sol de Noite: Creative Cooking Itinerant Laboratory, a project that has completed nine years traveling around South America under the motto: the south is our north.


Sol de Noite claims the kitchen as a meeting place, a creative laboratory, a core of political action, and an analog network, validating culinary as a powerful artistic expression capable of provoking all the senses. Within the laboratory, the artist works on transdisciplinary proposals from happening,  urban intervention, installation, video art,  illustration, and collective creative labs that plays within different knowledge fields as art, technology, science, and nature, taking her work to the construction of a new language of contemporary art: edible art.


Cuestas appropriates the concept of Gastrosophy conceived by Eugen Von Vaerst, interpreting it and developing a new aesthetic discourse proposing Gastrosophy as everything that refers to pleasure, joy, and provocations of the spirit and mind through the senses, bringing the acts of tasting and smelling as active components of the aesthetic experience. She establishes an analogy between the acts of eating and thinking as processes of internalization of the world (we are what we eat), focuses on the political act of consuming and on historical, anthropological, economic, social, cultural, biological, environmental, medicinal, poetic and aesthetic reflections that are behind the food to taste swallow, and digest.